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    Client-side clustering classes in the aspects module

    Brian Stansberry Master

      There are 3 classes in the aspects module org.jboss.aspects.remoting package that I'm thinking of moving over to the ha-client project for inclusion in the jboss-ha-client.jar. ClusterConstants, ClusterChooserInterceptor, FamilyWrapper. These are client-side clustering classes, and encapsulating client-side clustering classes is the purpose of jboss-ha-client.jar.

      Only downside I see is they add a dependency on Remoting to ha-client. Not IMHO a big problem if remoting is what we are using long term for client-server communications.

      An alternative is to create some sort of general "remoting-aspects" project for org.jboss.aspects.remoting classes. But then it would need to depend on jboss-ha-client.jar. I'd prefer to see these client-side clustering classes in ha-client.

      Thoughts? I'm asking now because I want to move jboss-ha-client.jar off a snapshot, so would prefer to deal with this before cutting a beta.

      Tangential topic: if we don't go the "remoting-aspects" route, there are a few classes in org.jboss.aspects.remoting that would go in the ha-server project when I get to that; for inclusion in a jboss-ha-server-api.jar.