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    JBossEjbParsingDeployer and JBossMetaData creation

    Ales Justin Master

      The previous code in JBossEjbParsingDeployer.createMetaData had this useless code:

       // If there no JBossMetaData was created from a jboss.xml, create one
       if (metaData == null)
       metaData = new JBossMetaData();
       JBossEnterpriseBeansMetaData jbBeans = new JBossEnterpriseBeansMetaData();

      Is this taken care of in MergedJBossMetaDataDeployer?
      Or this code needs additional:
       unit.getTransientManagedObjects().addAttachment(getOutput(), metaData);

      That's what I added.
      Or we can completely delete that piece?