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    Replacing system properties in metadata

    Adrian Brock Master

      Brian asked on another thread about automatically replacing system properties on

      First, I suppose if we were going to do this, it would need a meta annotation
      to trigger the behaviour otherwise it would be doing a lot of work unnecessarily.


      public @interface Clustered
       String partition() default = "${jboss.parition.name:DefaultDomain";

      Then we could add something to MetaDataRetrievalToMetaDataBridge
      that does the replacement, e.g.

       public <T extends Annotation> T getAnnotation(Class<T> annotationType)
       if (annotationType == null)
       throw new IllegalArgumentException("Null annotationType");
       AnnotationItem<T> item = retrieval.retrieveAnnotation(annotationType);
       if (item == null)
       return null;
      - return item.getValue();
      + T result = item.getValue();
      + if (annotationType.hasAnnotation(Replaceable.class))
      + result = checkReplaceable(result);
      + return result;

      Where checkReplaceable() either
      1) creates a new annotation from the original one with system properties replaced.
      2) wraps the annotation in a dynamic proxy that implements the annotation interface
      and does the replacement lazily

      Similar code would be required for getAnnotations()