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    Metadata view with  system properties resolved

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      From another thread:

      "adrian@jboss.org" wrote:

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      OT: Is there a general automagic facility/utility yet for doing String property replacement when populating metadata? For org.jboss.ejb3.annotation.clustered there's still manual code that does the property replacement.

      You'll have to explain what you mean on a different thread.

      If I understand correctly ...
      I don't think its possible in general since in most cases
      MetaData.getAnnotation() will just be returning Class.getAnnotation()
      which is immutable, its a jdk object and
      we don't "intercept" the fine grained Clustered.partition() invocation.

      My question was quite confused. :( Not about populating metadata at all.

      The issue is more one of having a mechanism that provides a view on metadata where system property references are resolved. Basically an aspect that does the system property resolution on read operations on a metadata object.

      AIUI, right now JBossXB can resolve system properties when populating a metadata object. But if you do that you lose the original underlying value. And if the metadata object is backed by an annotation, JBossXB doesn't come into play.