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    What replaces determineResolvedJndiName?

    Scott Stark Master

      Where are we at in terms of a comprehensive jndi resolution interface? The determineResolvedJndiName methods of the JBossEnterpriseBeanMetaData are deprecated, what replaces them?

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          Andrew Rubinger Master

          For EJB3, these are effectively replaced by the JBoss*PolicyDecorator, which overrides "get*JndiName" methods. Also, you may use the JBoss*BeanJndiNameResolver's static methods.

          @see ResolveJndiNameDecoratorUnitTestCase.testResolvedJndiNamesWithKnownIfaces.

          For EJB2...nothing yet. I'd planned on also decorating EJB2 beans with a LegacyEjbJndiPolicy (in the same way EJB3 is), but it was agreed that we should leave EJB2 as-is for the time being.