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    Questionable, but working, fix for JBMETA-83

    Andrew Rubinger Master


      When a mappedName for an EJB is equal to the deplomentScopeBaseName (ie. EAR name), BasicJndiBindingPolicy will issue conflicts because the mappedName will have been bound, and hence become an invalid target for a SubContext as a base.

      So my solution was when these two properties match, append a "_" to the baseName and issue a warning to the user:

      23:42:44,521 WARN [BasicJndiBindingPolicy] The EAR name, which is used as a base, is equal to the mappedName for EJB "AroundInvokeBean", to avoid JNDI Naming Conflict appending a '_' to the base JNDI name. [JBMETA-83]

      If anyone's got a more elegant idea, all ears.