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    a4j:commandButton - oncomplete method

    k dcosta Newbie


      i have a <a4j:commandButton>. its action method is binded to my backend method. and i have used the oncomplete attribute to call a javascript alert to show a message that the backend process is completed.

      Button action method is used to read a set of files in a folder and analyze it.It will take time depending upon the number of files in the folder.

      My problem is that, if there is only few files(i.e if the action is completed in less than an hour) it will show the oncomplete alert correctly. but if there are more files and when the action takes more than 1 hr, the oncomplete message is shown before completion i.e after 45-50min , but at the console we see the action is still going on.

      is there is any way to solve it???
      is it because i have any values in any of xml's to show the response after 45-50min???

      Plz help me.