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    Multiline Header in scrollableDataTable

    Vince O'Sullivan Newbie

      I'd like to display a table where each cell contains a single letter and the header of each column displays the date in the format ddd dd mmm (e.g. Wed 22 Oct).

      Obviously the date in the header cell will be very much wider than the content of any of the cells below it. Therefore, I'd like to minimize the width of the header cell by displaying the three components of the date under each other rather than side by side. For example:


      Any ideas how I can achieve this?

      Left as a string, the text doesn't wrap but is truncated. If I format breaks into the date string (e.g. "Wed22Oct") then the text does wrap but the header cell height does not increase accordingly, so it it truncated vertically. I can increase the size of the header row using the height attribute in a CSS style sheet. This does increase the header cell height but - confusingly - not the apparent height of the box in the cell into which the text is rendered.

      This is most frustrating, having spent a couple of days on what I assumed would be a trivial fix any help would be most appreciated.