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    [jboss-metadata] No LocalBindingMetaData

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      So far we've gotten by without a LocalBindingMetaData class because we set the necessary values directly in LocalBindingProcessor:

      public void process(JBossSessionBeanMetaData metaData, Class<?> type)
       LocalBinding annotation = finder.getAnnotation(type, LocalBinding.class);
       if(annotation == null)
       if(annotation.jndiBinding() != null && annotation.jndiBinding().length() > 1)

      But this doesn't model the metadata properly, and is preventing me from doing some validation as defined by JBMETA-117.

      Any objections to adding LocalBindingMetaData and the other necessary support? Then metaData.setLocalJndiName() gets called somewhere else.

      I'm hoping to task Emanuel on this one?