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    [JBMETA-119] LocalBindingMetaData

    Andrew Rubinger Master


      "emuckenhuber" wrote:
      Do you need a LocalBindingMetaData similar to the Remote one or is something like this also ok ?

      String localBinding;

      Let's add the LocalBindingMetaData for 2 reasons:

      1) If we decide to add @LocalBinding(someNewAttribute="Whatever") in the future
      2) Keeps the API uniform, easy-to-read (ie. matches RemoteBindingMetaData)

      "emuckenhuber" wrote:
      or would you prefer a List<String> localBindings

      At the moment we allow for explicit declaration of only one local binding; my opinion is that this should be changed to support many.

      If you make it look the same as RemoteBindingsMetaData does, that paves the way for @LocalBindings({}) looking forward.

      I suppose either approach is valid for the time being. One might argue that it's silly to put in support for unimplemented features.

      "emuckenhuber" wrote:
      then a postprocessing - setLocalJndiName

      I'm no longer sure this is the right approach. Again we're mixing managed properties of the object model with logic that belongs elsewhere (ie a JNDI Binding Policy or Decorator).