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    TransactionManagerLocator has instance before TM is ready

    Carlo de Wolf Master


      The TransactionManagerLocator.getInstance() should return a MC bean which depends on the real transaction manager.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          No. If you want to do that, i.e. a real dependency, don't use the TransactionManagerLocator.

          You should inject it directly, see jca-jboss-beans.xml:

           <!-- The transaction manager -->
           <property name="transactionManager"><inject bean="TransactionManager" property="transactionManager"/></property>

          If you wanted to further an just use the anonymous inject, i.e.

          @Inject // No name implies match the interface to the only implementation
          public void setTransactionManager(TransactionManager tm);
          or xml equivalent
           <property name="transactionManager"><inject/></property>

          Then we'd need to make MC aware of the instance in transaction-jboss-beans.xml

          <bean name="RealTransactionManager">
           <constructor factoryMethod="getTransactionManager">
           <factory bean="TransactionManager"/>

          Since the thing called TransactionManager is not really a TM, its a factory for it. :-)

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            Carlo de Wolf Master

            Bugger, can't get static instances past you. ;-)

            I'm going for the anonymous inject.