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    Use of jboss-reflect project

    Anil Saldanha Master

      Adrian's rant is here for all projects to look at if they are using any kind of reflection to get to class info, methods etc.

      I'm very tempted not to respond to this thread
      since there's no reason why this discussion can't go on jboss-dev
      (other than it is a fork of a discussion about the tck
      which could be removed).

      I also don't see why this code exists since jboss-reflect
      is the project intended to have all this code.

      If you want to know one of the reasons why JBoss5 takes
      so long to boot, you only have to look at all the different
      projects doing their own reflection object processing/caching.

      Who knows how many times ejb3, aop, security, mdr, hibernate,
      microcontainer etc. scan a class for its methods/fields?
      If you look at the code in openjdk this involves lots of cloning
      of objects.

      Not to mention the unncessary overhead of trying to maintain
      and optimize the same routines over and over again.