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    Beginner: trying to run Richfaces code in a div

    Stefan Anderssson Newbie

      I just started playing around with RichFaces today and I really like it. I have no problems doing the basic the stuff, but what I really was looking for now was to put a form inside a ("expandable") div-element.

      Right now I am loading a jsf-page inside this div using prototype (new Ajax.Updater... etc.) but the RichFaces-javascript-inside this div doesn't execute. I tried using "evalScripts: true" in the Ajax.Updater, but that didn't work either.

      I have a feeling that I should load the page inside the div with RichFaces, but I haven't found any way of doing that. Either way (using prototype or Richfaces, that is) is fine with me as long as the javascript-code in the div executes.

      I don't want to put the form in a hidden div in the main-page since there will be a long list of entries that I want to be able to load the form(s) for.

      I guess there is no reason to post any code in here since this seems like a very basic problem.

      Any ideas, hints, pointers, code (?) to make this work?