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    JBMETA-110: CreateDestination metadata feature / new metadat

    Carlo de Wolf Master

      We need a way to add new vertical features without affecting the horizontal layers. For example CreateDestination required a change to metadata. It'll will also require a new annotation processor, but that one can (/should) be configured on the EjbAnnotationMetaDataDeployer. (Right now hardcoded in JBoss50Creator.)

      For EJBTHREE-987 I stuffed it into the activation properties, which are filtered out when the end point needs to be created. (Let me take the liberty to give myself Brock points for that kind of solution.)

      We may end up with tons of features which should not be coded within jboss-metadata itself (cache configurations for example). And I want to abuse it to allow EJB 3.1 to become a true extension.

      So we need a blueprint which can us forward.

      To ramble a bit on: maybe an xsd that allows for 'random' elements within bean metadata and then have a deployer split those up. Next deployer picks up and deploys something.

       <cache xmlns:mycache><max>10</max></cache>

      For the jboss xsd that should not pose a problem, but how will this be reflected into code without losing type safety?