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    State of JDK logging in jboss-logging-jdk

    David Lloyd Master

      The jboss-logging-jdk module has three different implementations of java.util.logging.LogManager in it. Rather than adding a fourth, is it OK if I just replace org.jboss.logging.jdk.JBossJDKLogManager? In addition to disabling the reset() method, my implementation completely disables configuration, and fixes about half a dozen bugs.

      Since it disables the configuration API, it might be considered a compatibility change. In any case it will likely mean a 2.1.0 release. Alternately I could put it in a separate class, or even a separate module - either way it needs to be on the boot classpath. Thoughts?

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          David Lloyd Master

          OK, here's what I'm thinking. I don't want to mess with the stated (implied?) purpose of jboss-logging-jdk at all, so I'm going to produce a small separate artifact, jboss-logmanager. Unless someone says otherwise, I'm going to put it into the projects area of the jbossas repository. This way, anyone who wants to have a non-busted JDK logmanager can reuse this project without pulling in any baggage.