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    Location of Service Binding Manager bindings.xml file

    Heiko Rupp Master

      I may miss something very obvious here:

      configurations are selected on the command line with -c and the selected configuration would also select the port mappings from the service binding managers bindings.xml file.
      Now when I want to run 2 configs on the same machine / IPs with different port bindings, I normally need to duplicate e.g. the 'default' directory (or at least data/, tmp/ and work/ ) per configuration.
      If I duplicate the whole default/ directory, each instance 'ports-01', 'ports-02'
      would have its own conf/bootstrap/bindings.xml file.
      This seems odd to me, as it means that bindings.xml could completely different in all of the different instances. Bindings.xml should only exist in one instance at e.g. the jbossas/server/ level. This is how it effectively was in AS4, as users just commented in the MBean which was pointing to the single instance in docs/examples/