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    Use Case 5(Update DataSource) Complete

    Charles Crouch Expert

      Use Case 5(Update DataSource) has been completed both basic flow and alternate flows. Extension point 5.1 (Test DataSource) was implemented as part of use case 1 (View list of Datasources).

      A DataSource is successfully updated.

      Basic flow of events
      1. The user indicates to the system that they wish to update a particular DataSource.
      2. The system displays the list of existing attributes for the DataSource for the user
      to update.
      3. The user updates some attributes and indicates to the system to update the
      DataSource with the given settings.
      4. The system takes the information entered by the user, validates it and updates the
      existing DataSource.
      5. The system indicates to the user that the DataSource was successfully updated.
      6. The use case ends.

      Alternate flows
      A5.1: Information validation fails, DataSource not updated
      During step 4) of the Basic Flow. This alternate flow is exactly analogous to A4.1, leaving the DataSource unchanged.
      A5.2: Information validation fails, user fixes problem
      This alternate flow is exactly analogous to A4.2, eventually updating the DataSource.
      A5.3: User cancels update
      During step 3) of the Basic Flow. This alternate flow is exactly analogous to A4.3, leaving the DataSource unchanged.