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    Destinations code available

    Peter Johnson Master

      This is to inform you that new code to edit destinations (both topics and queues) for JMS has been added to the admin console.

      The code that was added supports the user interface only. That is, there is no communication with JMX. Thus, you will not be able to see the default destinations nor will any changes you make be applied to the server. I have provided this code mainly to get feedback on the user interface.

      When you run the admin console, on the left menu panel you will see two more links, one for managing queues, the other for managing topics. Clicking on either will display an empty list. Clicking on create displays a tabbed page that allows you to set the properties of the queue or topic. Once it is created, the list page displays again, with the newly created item displays.

      The 'Name' property is currently used as the 'key' for the item and thus must be unique. Once the code is hooked into JMX, the 'Name' property will no longer be visible, and of course will be a valid JMX name.

      The JMX-related code, and unit tests for the code will appear soon (within the next couple of weeks.)