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    JMS Destination User Interface

    Peter Johnson Master

      Now that you have had a chance to look at the user interface for the destinations (you have don that, haven't you?), I would like you opinion on a few items in the interface.

      First, the list page. Are the appropriate properties being shown. In other words, since this is the first page you will prbably see when looking at topics or queues, does the page contain those properties that you would be most interested in seeing? If not, which properties should be shown here.

      Second, on the details page, do the tabs and thep roperties under each tab make sense? Is there another grouping that would make more sense to you? Or should we drop the tabs and place every property on one big page?

      Third, should topics and queues be separated? Or should the be only one list of destinations with an indication of which destinations are topics and which are queues?

      Any other thoughts and comments on the user interface are also welcome. Just remember that the code so far is user inetrafce only, no changes are actually made to the server, and that the 'Name' property is only temporary and will not be displayed by the final code. (See my earlier post announcing this code for details.)