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    Selecting data source for messages

    Peter Johnson Master

      I would like to propose a use case for determining where messages are stored.

      Currently, there are several MBeans and properties that deal with how and where JBoss stores messages waiting delivery. I propose that the admin console hide this complexity behind a single drop-down list box that lists the data sources currently deployed to the application server. The user can then select the desired data source and the admin console will then update the necessary MBean properties to switch to the desired data source.

      As part of this functionality, the admin console will determine the type of database (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, etc) for the data source using the driver class name. Once the database has been determined, the SQL statements used for the PersistenceManager.SqlProperties and StateManager.SqlProperties will be set to pre-configured values that are known to work for that database. The user can, of course, override these settings by selecting tabs on the admin console user interface. The SQL statements will be provided as individual settings that can be changed, not as a single large block of text. (The pre-configured values will be stored in a properties file that the user could also edit to change the existing defaults or add in statements form new databases.)

      Watch this topic for prototypes of the proposed interface.