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    Recent code changes that affect multiple components

    chi lin Newbie

      I have recently checked-in the code which allows existing destinations to be updated. As part of the implementation, a few other components were also touched. Here're some brief explanation of the changes:

      . DestinationServiceRuntimeException.java has been renamed JmsServiceRuntimeException.java and DestinationServiceException.java has been renamed JmsServiceException.java. These exception classes will be used by both general JBossMQ settings and Destination services in the admin console project.

      . Destination.setEditable() has been replaced by Destination.setCreatedByDeploymentService() and Destination.isEditable() has been replaced by Destination.isCreatedByDeploymentService().

      . The putAttribute() methods that are common to DeploymentServiceDataSourceHelper and DeploymentServiceDestinationHelper have been moved to the base class (DeploymentServiceHelper.java).

      . The getAllDeployedInstanceInformation() method that are common to HibernateDeploymentHelper, MBeanServiceDataSourceHelper, and MBeanServiceDestinationHelper has been moved to the base class (MBeanServiceHelper.java).