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    Admin-console and JMS configuration, Deployments

    Scott McLaughlin Newbie

      I have just started looking at the admin console and I am very impressed with the current state, but I do have a few questions about what is currently in place and also what are the plans for the future.

      First I noticed the in the admin-console the manage JBossMQ seems to only support one DestinationManager at a time, so my question, is this a limitation of the JBoss server (does not seem likely) or just a limitation of the administration console?

      I could see many reasons to support the creation of multiple MQ Servers (DestinationManagers). the top or my list would be due to different CacheManagers, PersistanceManagers, SecurityManagers. Does anyone have comments on this?

      Second what about deployments and the management of them. I would think Starting with J2EE based applications. Maybe organized by type , Enterprise Applications (EAR)
      Web Application (WAR)
      EJB Applications (JAR)
      Service Archives (SAR)

      This information can be retrieved using the MEJB (JSR77) or the MBeanServer for the case of the MEJB being disabled.



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          Peter Johnson Master

          The current support for JMS administration in the admin console is for JBossMQ, not for the newer JBoss Messaging. As far as I know, JBossMQ supports only a single Destination Manager (mbean name jboss.mq:service=DestinationManager). (Charles, would you have any more insight into this?) I am not sure if this is also the case for JBoss Messaging, perhaps you could ask on the messaging forum (not sure if Tim or Ovidiu read this forum).

          Thank you for letting us know that you would be interested in management of deployments, this helps us with prioritization of future features.

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            Scott McLaughlin Newbie

            In addition to being interested in management of deployments, I am also interested in working on this project. I have been interested in this since I was working on the JSR77 implementation. I have since lost access to the CVS repository, so I will have to prove myself again ;)

            Also is there any additional information as to the future plans to the admin-console including the suggested features.

            I will also post the questions about the JMS configuration to both the JBoss MQ and also the JBoss Messaging forum, so I can get a better understanding as to the limitation of the current and future implementations.