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    Binary distribution package.

    Peter Johnson Master

      Now that the coding for version 1.1 is nearing compeltion, we need to start thinking about a binary package for the admin console. I have created a JIRA issue for this (http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBADMCON-147), and assigned it to me.

      A few thoughs on what will be done:

      1) Have ant build place all necessary files in a zip file in ./output/dist
      2) Include an installation script (ant build.xml, along with install.bat and install.sh scripts) to:
      2a) deploy the deployment service (from jboss_home/docs/examples/varia/deployment-service)
      2b) provide resonable defaults for the deployment service configuration
      2c) deploy the admin console
      3) Provide readme file that includes information about the admin console, how to install, what the deployment service config is, etc.

      I will probably think of more as I work on this. Any other thoughts or comments are appreciated.