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    JBossMQ vs JBoss Messaging

    Peter Johnson Master

      We have noticed that a couple of weeks ago that JBossMQ disappeared from jboss-head. We believe that this is due to its impending replacement by JBoss Messaging in the 5.0 release. Up to now, the admin console was coded to work with JBossMQ. The short story is that we didn't want to chase a moving target (JBoss Messaging) while developing the admin console and knew we would have to, some time later, move to JBoss Messaging. Well, later is now.

      At this point, the proposal is to clone the files related to JBossMQ and modify the cloned files to work with JBoss Messaging. Briefly, any directory named 'jms' will be cloned to a directory name 'messaging'. In addition, the home page will contain links to both the JBossMQ and JBoss Messaging functionality, with the later not working until all the changes are made. Once the changes are made, we can either:
      1) leave it as is, thus providing management of both JBossMQ and JBoss Messaging, or
      2) comment out the home page links to the JBossMQ management functions, which allows users who really need JBossMQ to uncomment the links to use that functionality, or
      3) remove the JBossMQ functionality and support only JBoss Messaging.

      I am leaning towards option #2, though can be easily swayed towards option #3. I would need a really good reason to support option #1.

      Comments welcome.