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    Autonomous prototype projects

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

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      Do we currently have the possibility to host an autonomous prototype project?

      Use Case:

      I am currently working on the JMS Facade, which is a pretty self contained (to a point) part of the JBoss Messaging. I am tying together JBoss AOP, JBoss Remoting and a lot of new constructs, and
      1. I don't know yet how the final architecture will look like
      2. I expect a lot of refactoring and package creation/deletion
      So I need some sort of playground that can be accessed by me and all contributors to the project, without poluting the main JBoss CVS repository with a lot of stuff that will be eventually thrown away.

      I can certainly do this on my own machine, but the main reason I want it shared is that I want to involve the contributors in the process, hence shared CVS access.


      - independent and self-contained CVS space
      - controlled public access (everybody can read, designated users can write)
      - autonomous build system
      - no need for automated builds (it's a prototype, I don't care for unit tests at the moment)
      - the prototype is specifically written with the final goal of being thrown away. The final result (or more likely parts of it) will be manually ported into the main JBoss CVS repository.

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          Damon Sicore Novice


          We will have a working CVS/SVN repo that you can use for this project at the end of March. We are in the process of installing the production hardware, and we will begin working this week to have a set of CVS/SVN repos installed, hopefully, shortly thereafter.

          Also, the concept of JBoss Labs running on our Forge hardware is a very good place for what you want to do. I'll add a JIRA task for your situation to the JBoss Labs project so that we will follow through with you to make sure you have everything you need.

          So, Labs on Forge will provide you with:

          1. A CVS/SVN repo of your choice with which you can do anything you like, and it will be publicly available with read/write restrictions as you see fit.

          2. We will provide you with a build framework which you can modify at will, BUT you should try to stay within its design as that will help you with its eventual integration with JEMS and the rest of the jbossas build.

          Sound good? I'll check with you anyway. I would very much like to see the JMS project hosted in Labs. It is an excellent example of what Labs should be.

          Sincerest Regards,

          Development Manager - JBoss Labs