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    The 'NoTheme' Theme for Forge

    Damon Sicore Novice

      I checked in a $WC/trunk/forge/forge-notheme which is a modification of Tomek's forge-theme that simply doesn't render anything for the titles of portlets and the navigational controls (i.e., maximize and minimize).

      Also, I changed the *-portal.xml's to use the 'noThemeRenderer' classes contained in forge-notheme.

      I can't remember if we need to modify the portal-core.sar/blah/blah/sometheingorother manually, as I modified it by hand... but I'm too lazy to go reinstall my portal instance to test it. I guess we will see the changes manifest/break in the overnight cruisecontrol build. :-b. (Don't do as I do!)

      I really think we can make Forge identitical to the 'RollItOut' site that we are aiming for. What do you think? We are very close, I say. I think we can probably tweak the nav portlet to include a few images that "melt" it into the top area... and... maybe modify the layout.jsp to include the 'search' box... liek the rollitout site. In any case.. we'll get it *very* close.