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    Labs 1.0.1 Promoted to Production

    Damon Sicore Novice

      We released 1.0.1 of Labs to production yesterday.

      See: http://labs.jboss.org

      Details of this release can be found in JIRA:


      This report is a little sparse, I know, but the highlight of this release is the first release of JBoss Wiki. We had to replace the JSPWiki in Labs as it was simply an iframe and well, nobody could bookmark the wikipages contained within it.

      Also, other changes include the ability to use generic html within the freezones of labs. The allows docbook and xdocs html to be used without modification. Mladen Turk of the JBoss Web project specifically requested this feature.

      OK. Now where is Labs going?

      Labs is about to take a turn, and it's not for the worse. We're adjusting our goals to host all of jboss.org. This means, we've a hell of a lot of tasks to identify. There's a lot of 'admin' type features in the current Nukes install. There's been a ton of modifications. So, the tasks in JIRA are going to change a bit with this new direction. Previously, we were going to provide an infrastructure that went a different direction than jboss.org. Now, that has changed.

      The major highlights:

      - The administrative features need to be added to JBoss Portal 2.0 in Labs.

      - The forums in JBoss Portal must be rendered bug free. Currently, they are a big problem for us.

      - The wiki has been replaced with JBoss Wiki. This is a major step forward. We just need to keep going and get to a 1.0 Final release of JBoss Wiki.

      - We need to add several JSF pages with workflows to support many of the jboss.org/com-type functionality. Again, more tasks will be created to make sure those items are tracked.

      Those are the hot spots. More to come.