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    New blog on Labs

    Adam Warski Master

      I'd like to replace the current blog with a better one, shotoku + feeds based. Here's how I think it would work: as now, you would have to place your blog entries in the $PROJECT_HOME/blog directory. But, the title and author would be set as properties (now, you can't set the author, and title of the entry is its first line).
      Additionaly, some configuration file is needed. Again, this could be a file in CMS (for ex. $PROJECT_HOME/blog.properties). Its content would be the blog description, and it would need to have two properties set: blog title and default author (possibly other things too: managing editor, web master etc).
      One more possibility, is too add podcast support - a blog entry could have a special attribute set which would mean "I'm an audio/video file". Then, in the template, a <link enclosure="..." .../> would be rendered instead of the entry's content.

      So what do you think, any comments? :).