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    Portal 2.2

    Adam Warski Master

      Some day, we'll have to do it - migrate to portal 2.2

      So here's what I've been able to think we must do (in the beginning ;) ) to make it work:
      1. Rewrite all portal .xml descriptors to use the new format
      2. Get rid of the hack that made navigation work and use IPC (if it works :) )
      3. Check user logging - has it changed?

      Anything else that I missed? Also, what new features of portal can we use (user customization?)?

      Make such big changes to all our "subprojects" make it also possible to easily modify the strucutre of our code a little. Maybe it's a good idea to merge some "subprojects" into bigger ones, and not have a one-project-per-portlet division. For this, we would need a logical division of parts of which Labs consist.
      The first two are obvious:
      - wiki
      - shotoku ;).

      Others could be:
      - project-specific portlets (downloads, polls, project information)
      - labs-specific portlets (contributors, main blog, podcast, kosmos, ads; I don't count feeds here as they will go to shotoku)
      - project tracking portlets

      What do you think?