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    JEMS Matrix - counting score, what to add.

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      If you have a look at our dev you will find the first version of the JEMS Matrix.

      It was already mentioned on the forum:

      "damon.sicore@jboss.com" wrote:
      In the Development Dashboard we need a new portlet which is a "matrix" representation of a given project's current status.

      The first version of this matrix should consist of at least the following rows:

      1. Development Metrics such as: downloads, number of lines of code, commits per day/week, number of forum posts, etc.

      2. Current QA status: Test Code Coverage, Flag indicating QA actually exists

      3. JEMS Product Management Status: Whatever flags that Shaun Connolly says should be here... we need to coordinate with him.

      So... to lay this out:

      Add a portlet to the Development Dashboard....

      That portlet has a list of projects.... with their current "score"

      Choose a project by clicking on one on the list...

      This will give you their "JEMS Matrix" which is a list of scores for each row.

      We need to make the matrix configurable by row and column... so a "Development Row" should be configurable... as should any other "Row"...

      Let's start the discussion. :)

      Please see:


      (whole thread)

      So far we've got metrics affecting JIRA, CruiseControl and downloads. Svn metrics should be implemented soon. What we can do now is...

      1. Firstly, think over how to calculate project score.

      Rysiek has implemented weigted score plugin that sumarizes all the statistics multiplying them firstly by weights (Weights can be set in the configuration files). The point is, how to set these weights to get authoritative outcome.

      Or, maybe, completely different metrics can be useful.

      2. Consider what features to add to the JEMS Matrix.

      I mean:
      new metrics,
      some graphs,
      or anything that comes to your mind.
      Do not hesitate to share your opinions :-)