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    New deployment model

    Adam Warski Master

      I've changed the way labs is deployed - instead of an ear, there is now a sar with all jars and ejb3s, and all .wars are deployed to the top-level directory. So, after updating your WC, first delete jboss-forge.ear from your deploy directory.

      This new deployment model of course has a benefit: now, partially, hot-redeploys work - basically, for all wars (for example - navigation, freezone etc portlets). To hot-redeploy a portlet, just execute "maven all" in a projects' directory.

      Still, if you make a change to forge-common for example, you need to do a full rebuild & restart (this also applies to all .ejb3s and other shared .jars).

      You may notice that the .sar name is a little weird - "w-jboss-forge.sar". The "w-" is there so that labs get deployed after shotoku - without this, aop weaving doesn't work. If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix this, I'm waiting :).

      Let me know if anything doesn't work.