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    Site Redesign Mockups

    Damon Sicore Novice


      We've been working on the redesign of jboss.org and I wanted to give everyone a preview and a chance to provide feedback.

      Specifically, I've been working with our new full-time senior visual designer for jboss.org, James Cobb. We've been focusing on obvious site improvements such as navigation and landing page content. It's been a long time coming for such improvements and I'm thrilled we have a resource who specializes in design.

      I want to begin a dialog concerning the navigation structure. We've done our best to included the opinions and requests of all who bothered. Please take a look at the following mockups to get an idea of what we are working on:


      There are two pages there: One for the jboss.org landing page and the other a navigation walk through.

      This first round of enhancements to jboss.org will include:

      1. Navigation restructuring taking into account all requested features.
      2. CSS standardization and improvements throughout the entire jboss.org site that beautify all portlets.
      3. Standardizing all project landing pages with polished html and content.

      Comments welcome.