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    J2EE independent web services engine with gui oriented tx de

    master_yoda Newbie

      I have an idea to make a web service engine. The engine should be very very user friendly. The web services dev will be rapid and very easy( like Microsoft products).
      It will have it's own easy scripting language. The business methods are written using this script and only in a certain call back functions( which our server dev frame work will expose).

      For transaction we will make a powerfull gui. User will demark the tx scope using drag and drop type utility etc etc.

      This engine should be distributed and support mutilinguel client. We will provide the same scripting language for the client, and tools which generate code in the native language from the script, like script2java, script 2cpp etc.

      The WS technology has a bright future. That's why I wanted to implement this tool.

      I need help. If anyone like my idea then please reply. We will discuss the plan in detail then.