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    Tagging on Labs - Mockups

    Damon Sicore Novice


      Here are two mockups that James and I worked on in JBWLV. These two are the tabs that we'd see inside the "Tag This!" GWT popup.



      Please ask questions as needed, but we are still specifying what each element means in these mockups.


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          Tomasz Szymanski Novice

          OK - I've looked through the screenshots and few things:

          What I'm going to need from Adam:
          * Feed subscribers counter (is that doable ?)
          * List getAllTags()

          What is not clear:
          * How this "search" should work exactly (in points please :-) )
          * What do we need a tag description for and how should it be presented (where) ?

          * I'd add "Rate me" thing like in metajizer and then show the content (ie search results) in direct order

          I'd also like to get the html that is responsible for those screenshot :-)