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    Navigation in Labs 2.0

    Adam Warski Master

      as I'm starting to change the project pages behavior, I guess it's good time to decide how navigation will look like :)

      As I suppose everybody already knows that each project will have the ability to compose its page out of a set of available portlets (via a GUI that Rysiek&Pawe? are writing). They will also be able to add additional pages with other portlets. So I think a first navigational portlet will be "Project Pages" which will simply list the pages defined for a project and enable to switch between them (of course, a project would have to add this portlet to their pages; it would be only usable when a project is selected).

      Also, projects much be chosen somehow. So on the main page we would have a "Project List" portlet (or "Software Map" portlet)? That would be a second navigational portlet. How this portlet would be accessed? As I have seen on the mockups, there is no "navigation" on the left side.

      A third navigational portlet would be needed for navigating between "global" Labs pages, like architects library/ wiki/ contributors/ jmm/ etc. But I think that we can do this by re-using the first one, that is, having a special "default" project, which would be hold the global content.

      Waiting for your opinions :)


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          James Cobb Newbie

          1. Global Navigation:
          A new navigation structure has been designed to help the user access various portions of the site. These common elements will be accessible from every page.

          The content would be broken into:
          Home | Knowledge Base | JBoss Projects | Contribute | My.ORG

          2. Projects Navigation:
          The "JBoss Projects" page will be a common landing page where the user can access all jboss projects. We'll remove the old groups of "JEMS" and "Community projects" from the site. The new design will categorize the projects by function.

          3. Individual Project Navigation: The project leads should have the ability to add additional pages to their project sites. The project pages portlet would have to be on each page and it's ui design would be important to show the connection of the navigation to the pages.