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    Feeds not working

    Sacha Labourey Master


      I've written several recent blog entries and none of them seem to have been picked up by the main jboss.org feed. Any idea why?

      - when trying to register to the "all content" feed on www.jboss.org, it asks me for a clearspace username+password !?! We need to drop this

      - why don't we provide an e-mail address to raise issues like those? The link at the bottom of the page refers to these forums instead - but they might be... the broken thing! having an e-mail for those issues seems much simpler to me



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          Adam Warski Master


          for some reason the Labs machine times out when trying to connect to your feed. I've solved it temporarily (so the posts will be saved now), but I'll have also to investigate why connecting doesn't succeed in the first place.

          As for the "all content" link on jboss.org, I think it should point to the aggregated Labs feed, not to the CS feed of page updates, but that's really a question to Mark.

          As for the e-mail, we have help (at) jboss.org, but why forum/e-mail is also a question to Mark.