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    Sample project to import - portlet + JSF

    Yaron Gilboa Newbie


      For some reason, when i try to create a project with "Portlet Style" set to "java server faces" it is created with almost no content (the "simple" style works fine). The same happens on both Linux (readhat) and Windows XP.

      I've tried to convert the "simple" project to use JSF but failed (alas i'm new to the Java world, and still not so good at configuring the environments).

      Is it possible to get a sample project created by the plugin which uses JSF, i.e. a project which i can import and then start using. I need this in order to be able to start learning JSF with portlets. Also, any instructions on relevant configurations of JBoss (if it is necessary) will be helpful

      I am working with the latest versions of JBoss and Eclipse.

      Any assistance will be appreciated greatly,