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    Portlet Plugin fetures

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      It's my first time to download the JBoss Portlet eclipse plugin.

      Thank you very much for the developers effort to provide a convenient way to develop portlet for JBoss Portal. I understand the portlet plugin is under development.

      May I suggest some features:
      - Provide some simple portlet template (JSF, Struts, Generic, JSP, etc)
      - include a build.xml for compile, package the portlet application
      - when adding a new portlet in the same project, also change the *-object.xml
      - allow remove portlets

      - it is better to allow to create a new portal project not only the portlet project, just like the J2EE project, so that it can add different porltet into it.

      - allow deploy the project in eClipse.