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    Ergonomy matters: Configuration Dialogs

    Gerhard Schuster Newbie

      Dear JBoss IDE Plugin Developers,

      I very much value all the effort, you have put into the JBoss Plugin.
      Please don't feel insulted about what I'm going to say about it.

      Although configuration dialogs are a good idea - if they work like a whizzard, they are a very good starting point for the beginners - they have some mayor drawbacks in comparison to text editing.
      In dialogs you need to constantly switch between mouse an keyboard and you can not use Cut and Paste. It get even worse if you have to envoke context menues and select items from them. It is the absolute opposite of ergonomic.

      Let's take the XDoclet Configurations Dialog for an example. It is called Configurations Dialog, but it really is a full blown editor.
      Given the ammount of data one need to insert, it would be much better just to use some kind of self made language or even XML in a simple old fashoned text editor.
      The benefit of this would be:
      - You could offer this handy little hovering windows containing usefull data like help, context information or command compleetion
      - You could highlight inconsistencys or errors
      - It would be so much more easy to handle and editting would be much faster

      I believe if you keep this dessign pattern, your IDE will not be used in a production environment.

      Please ask some senior developers you trust about their oppinion.