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    JBoss run configurations missing in Eclipse

    Steve Howell Newbie

      Hello all,

      I am running Eclipse 3.2.2, and JBoss-IDE 2.0 beta (I initially downloaded JBoss-IDE 1.6 GA, but the XDoclet feature for Project Properties did not work).

      I have been following the JBoss Eclipse IDE Tutorial, and everything has worked nicely, up to and including generation some JARs and WARs.

      However, I have now come to try launching JBoss (in order to then deploy the tutorial files), and hit a problem. In Eclipse, on the "Create, manage, and run configurations" dialog, there are no items in the left-hand tree view for JBoss. The screen shot in the tutorial clearly shows items labelled "JBoss 4.0.x", "JBoss 3.2.x" etc. but these are missing in my Eclipse IDE.

      Does anyone know why this might be, and how I might be able to coax Eclipse into showing them to me? Without them, I assume it's going to be hard to launch JBoss and deploy my EJBs through Eclipse.

      Thanks for your thoughts.