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    Disable Doubleclick in rich:listShuttle

    Matthias Dickgiesser Newbie


      is it possible to deactivate the double-click function in a rich:listShuttle ?
      Or even better, is there a way to pass values of the objects over which the lists iterate to a Backing bean ? I tried something like that, but did not succeed, cause always the last value of the lists is passed:

      <rich:listShuttle var="item" id="shuttle converter="PolicyConverter"
      binding="#{adjPol.shuttle}" ondblclick="showModal()" ..........>
      <a4j:jsFunction oncomplete="Richfaces.showModalPanel('panel')"
      id="edit" name="showModal" requestDelay="0"
      reRender="panel_policyname, panel_groupname, panel_tablecomment, panel_typeList, panel_bedingung, panel_columncomment, panel_valuelist, condition_test, bedingung">
      <f:param name="usergroupId" value="#{policyToUsergroupShuttle.currentUsergroup.id}" />
      <f:param name="policyId" value="#{item.id}" />

      Thx in advance