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    how to create an .ear file in JBOSS Eclipse IDE?

    Priya Rao Newbie

      I want to deploy an MDB application, but in all examples they are created an .ear file and they placed it in server/default/deploy directory of JBOSS.... So plz tell me how to create an .ear fiel.... I have tried in this way... right click on my MDB application and selected the "export" option and i have given myapp.ear as destination file.... it creates an .ear file and while deploying this file in Jboss the Jboss server throws an excetion like No META-INF folder.......... So plz tell me is this is the right way to create an .ear file? is there any way to create an .ear file? and this is the right way to deploy an MDB application in Jboss?

      Thanks in advance,...

      Priya rao.