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    JBOSS IDE startup error

    Kent Zhou Newbie

      I have JBOSS IDE 1.5(eclipse 3.x) on my windows xp computer and it works fine for years. Today when I tried to open JBOSS IDE 1.5, it gives me following error when startup: JVM terminated. Exit code=2

      -jar C:\eclipse\startup.jar
      -os win32
      -ws win32
      -arch x86
      -launcher C:\eclipse\eclipse.exe
      -name Eclipse
      -showsplash 600
      -exitdata 1128_70
      -vm C:\WINDOWS\system32\javaw.exe
      -jar C:\eclipse\startup.jar

      But I did not change anything for last time good working. So I check javaw.exe on windows/system32 and found it's updated at 2009-07-30.

      Really frustrated. How to resolve this problem?