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    Configuration of JBoss Messaging

    Oliver Hernandez Newbie

      I am working on a project for the U.S. Navy that is using JBossMQ to replicate transactions between ships that are deployed and a central database ashore. We are in the planning stages to upgrade from JBoss 3.2.2 to the latest 4.0.3SP1. Now that we see JBoss Messaging is due out, we're shifting our plan to upgrade to that release to stay ahead of the curve.

      This project has some stringent security requirements on the configuration of the JBoss server, and I would like to know if the following items will be configureable in the upcoming JBoss Messaging:

      1. JNDI over SSL (maybe configured in JBoss 4.x, where Messaging would be deployed under?).
      2. JMS communications over SSL.
      3. JMS communications over a specified IP on a dual-homed server.
      4. JMS communications over a specified port #.
      5. Specific client SSL socket factory class.
      6. JNDI names for JMS connection factories.
      7. An Oracle datasource as the persistent store.
      8. JMS destinations in hot-deployable xml files, such as dropping in myqueue.xml under JBOSS_HOME\server\default\deploy\jms and a queue named MyQueue gets deployed.


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          Tim Fox Master

          Yes, JBoss Messaging should support all this.

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            Oliver Hernandez Newbie


            "timfox" wrote:
            Yes, JBoss Messaging should support all this.

            Ok, next question is, when? I've downloaded Messaging 1.0, and don't see how to configure most, if not all, of the items I listed. Is this release just barebones, and if so, how long before we get a fully featured version documenting how to configure everything?

            We're at a critical point on our project, where we need to upgrade from JBoss 3.2.2 to the latest and greatest. JBossMQ in 3.2.2 is failing in production considerably, and JBoss support has stated to us that this release is very old and has many known problems, and that we must upgrade.

            Unfortunately, upgrading on this project is no trivial task, as we have to upgrade client jars on ships that have deployed and are unreachable for months. Upgrading the JBoss server would prevent existing clients from communicating until they too upgrade. So, suffice it to say, our upgrade plan is very complex, something we wish to avoid having to do again anytime soon. I'm reluctant recommending upgrading to 4.0.3SP1 if it's going to become obsolete with Messaging 1.0/JBossAS 5.0.

            So what are our choices? Is this issue beyond the scope of this forum? If so, should I go through our support contract? Or, is this going to be moot as complete documentation is due out at any moment?

            Thanks much in advance!

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              Luc Texier Apprentice


              Since your company has purchased a JBoss Support contract, I'll be happy to respond to some of the concerns related to your project via the Customer Support Portal. Your situation is too specific to be discussed on the public forum.

              Looking forward to talking to you,


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                Tim Fox Master

                Hi Oliver-

                For JBossMessaging 1.0 we're really focussed on having a solid, architecturally sound, non clustered server with better performance and scalability than JBossMQ.

                All the added extras and bells and whistles will be added over subsequent releases, but we think getting the core, basic server right is the most important thing to do.

                Having said all that, in terms of your security requirements, let me look at them one by one:

                1. JNDI over SSL. We just use JNDI from the AS so this should be configured as per normal in JBoss4.x

                2. JMS over SSL. JBoss Messaging uses JBossRemoting for this. It is configured in the connector configuration in META-INF/jboss-service.xml. For now, have a look at the JBossRemoting docs for more info. We should add a section in the docs on security configuration.

                3. JMS communications over a specified IP on a dual-homed server. In the connector config as above.

                4. JMS communications over a specified port #. In the connector config as above.

                5. SSL socket factory - Can be configured in jboss remoting.

                6. JNDI names for connection factories - these are specified in the connection factory mbean config in a very smilar way to jboss mq. Again, we should add this to the docs

                7. Oracle datasource. Datasources are configured exactly as in any other datasource in JBoss.

                8. JMS destinations in hot deployabble files. Yes, this is almost the same as jboss mq. Please see other posts in this forum for specifics.

                So yes, JBossMessaging should currently support all your security requirements, however as you've noticed the documentation is currently quite sparse - this will improve over time.

                Thanks for your patience, and yes, if you want more specifics or a faster turn around I suggest using your support account.


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                  Oliver Hernandez Newbie

                  Luc & Tim, thanks for your replies.

                  I totally understand the reasoning behind the release we got. I attended the Webinar, and am looking forward to seeing it in action, as this project I'm working on will require an industrial strength JMS server that will tolerate the poor network environment we have to deal with, along with a high volume of messaging traffic.

                  Tim has given me enough info to begin configuring our instance of Messaging. I'll post my results if I succeed in setting it up the way we need to.

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                    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

                    As Tim pointed out, all features on your "wish list" should be available with Messaging 1.0, either out of the box, or with a little configuration work. Since now the Messaging is public, our work is guided by our users' reaction, and we will try to address first the issues that are most important for our users.

                    You are more then welcome to try to configure features you need and then share your experience here. Your input will be incorporated in subsequent releases of the software/documentation.

                    Another mechanism that works is to create JIRA tasks for issues you want our help on: http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBMESSAGING