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    JNDI file config

    auré manga Novice

      hi all,

      I use the jboss-4.0.4RC1, and jboss-messaging-1.0.0.Beta1.

      I create my messaging folder in the server folder following the tutorial instructions. I execute the queue build in order to see if this installation works and it works well.

      Now I want to use JBoss messaging with OpenAdaptor, a software which permits to transform a JMS source to a flat file. In order to receive the JMS source I must config some config parameters:

      A.C1.Queue.Factory = ConnectionFactory
      A.C1.Queue.Subject = Queue\A
      A.C1.Queue.JndiFactory = org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory
      A.C1.Queue.JndiProvider = localhost:1099

      I want to be sure that is the go data that I give to my config file. Can you check them and say me if they are the good ones, because I have a problem when I run openadaptor so I want to be sure that this elements are good.

      Thank you for your help


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          Tim Fox Master

          Firstly not sure what you mean by "transform a JMS source to a flat file".

          I notice in your queue jndi lookup ( I assume that's what it is) you are using upper case "Queue" and backslashes not forward slashes.

          If it is a jndi lookup and you want to use default queue A

          it's /queue/A, not Queue/A