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    Different Persistence for different destinations?

    jivkoto Newbie

      I am wondering if in JBoss Messaging I can persist in different tables, messages coming for different queues and topics. In example I have QueueA, QueueB and QueueC, I want to persist the messages for this queues in different tables.
      With JbossMQ it is possible only if having different Invokers for different invocation layers, which means that in one InvokationLayer (let say JVM) it is not possible to configure several persistence tables. (http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&t=47828&op=viewtopic)
      So, is it possible in JBoss Messaging to configure different persistence destinations for different destinations? If it is I would be thankful if you share some configuration files. In the online documentation (JBoss Messaging in a Nutshell) or the Forum there are no topics covering this.

      Best regards, jivkoto