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    Using Oracle 9i

    Michael Reilly Newbie


      We are using oracle 9i, but hit a limit when sending messages over 4k in size. We normally get an error that the end of the communication channel has occured.
      I see that there was a similiar problem in MQ, and that in the examples, a fix is shown using the OracleThinPersistenceManager.
      Does anyone know of a similiar fix for messaging ?

      Many thanks,

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          Stuart Sim Newbie

          We also have this problem, we are trying to use JBoss 4.0.4.GA and Messaging 1.0.1 CR2.

          If this was a known problem in JBoss MQ and a workaround developed has it been addressed properly in JBoss messaging?.

          Does Oracle version play any part? we are also using 9i but are planning to upgrade to 10g - however as far as I know this does not invove a change of JDBC thin client driver (still ojdb14.jar)???.

          A JMS system that does not allow you to persist messages > 4k in size on Oracle doesnt seem particularly useful!. Any advice much appreciated.



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            Michael Reilly Newbie

            Hi Studie,

            We solved the problem using the Oracle 10 version driver. This allowed us to carry on use the thin driver (try to use this if possible as the OCI driver is more difficult to set up !)

            What confussed us was that the name of the oracle driver is the same, "objdbc14.jar" even if it is the version is 8, 9i or 10.
            If you download the latest driver from the Oracle site, then you should be ok.

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              Tim Fox Master

              Yes, I think Oracle has fixed this in the latest driver.