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    JBoss Messaging - ROADMAP???

    Rohit Chowdhary Newbie


      Would like to know the product roadmap, specially when the version 1.2 will be available (cluster aware/enabled for failover).

      Also, if for some reason there is a delay in the version 1.2, what would be the recommended approach:
      1. Use JBoss MQ in a cluster
      2. Use JBoss Messaging 1.1 and do not use failover.

      Essentially, is it okay to go live with JBoss MQ in cluster, though it is not optimal, but at-least provides failover?
      Or, JBoss MQ is not recommended for production and so go live with JBoss Messaging 1.1(no failover) and wait for 1.2?

      Appreciate your help.