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    Poor performance after replacing JBossMQ

    olivier merlin Newbie

      Trying to improve the performance on our application, i tried to replace the plumbering - as i saw the performance should be signifantly better with JBossMessaging.
      We use the JBoss4.0.4GA .
      I followed the How-to wiki and had to change some lines of code (I should open a minor bug on the queue.send function ) and achieved functional tests.
      But when i tried to stress my application with our homemade stress tool l was very deceived - all was very slow.

      I would like to know if our architecture is not responsible of this poor performance :
      We use 1 queue with many selector (20 in my test) based on a hash on the selector identifier. We have so 20 sequencer scaning for message in one queue.

      I read this is a not-performant way of processing message (JBMessaging-275) - but is it normal that we have a so obvious difference with JBossMQ ?