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    Jboss JMS - security, version and more

    Raj L Newbie

      Downloaded JMS for jboss and was able to successfully run the queue example on jboss 4.0.1 sp1.
      Planning on using jms as means of communication between two jboss servers one facing internet and one internal.

      Have few questions on securing jms on jboss:

      1) The SSL example has the following note:
      "A service configuration bug that exists in all JBoss versions prior to 4.0.4.RC1 prevents this example from working correctly"
      Does this mean for versions prior to 4.0.4 JBoss Messaging thru Secure Socket Connection is not possible?

      2) If i am correct, apart from SSL i believe i can setup a user/role based access to queues/messaging-resources that will limit the connections to only clients with proper credentials?

      3) Any other suggestions on securing the system

      Also what are the alternatives to this solution.